How To Keep Your Dog Busy Indoors

Sometimes life doesn’t always happen the way we want. Just when you plan to take your dog for his daily walk or to play with him in your backyard, a heavy downpour suddenly occurs. Or maybe, you’re just under the weather and don’t feel like going out. In such cases, you can still find ways to keep your pet busy and entertained while indoors. Continue reading to find out how to do so:

Show Him How To Help With Daily Chores

There are so many things dogs can do around the house; you just need to teach them how and they’ll learn pretty fast. You can make your dog feel useful and included by showing him how to do things like switching on and off the lights, retrieving something from the fridge, fetching your favorite sweater/ shirt/slippers and cleaning his toys among others. Of course, this will take time, so you have to be gentle, consistent and patient with him.

Engage In Interactive Play

Interactive games such as hide and seek, the game of fetch or the game of tug and war are great for exercising your dog physically and mentally. And they don’t need so much space either so they are perfect for keeping your pet busy indoors. Your dog will definitely love any of these games, so try them out.

The fact that you’ll be playing with him interactively will make him even happier since all dogs love spending time with their owners. You can ask your friend or family members to distract your dog (in the case of hide and seek game) while you go and hide.

Give Him A Massage

Dogs reap massive benefits from a massage just like humans. A good dog massage is great for dogs with arthritis or older dogs as it helps to soothe their achy and sore joints. But even if you have a younger, healthier dog, he’ll still reap so many benefits. Massaging your pet will improve blood circulation in his body, relieve stress and anxiety, soothe and relax him and of course strengthen the bond between you two.

Groom Him

Your pet may not find a grooming session as exciting as a hide and seek game or a game of tug and war, but it’s something that has to be done to keep him always looking good. So, you can keep him busy indoors by brushing his teeth, bathing him, brushing his hair or trimming his nails

Arrange a Play Date For Him

If you feel under the weather and don’t feel doing anything with your dog or anyone else, you can arrange a doggie play date for him. If there are some nice dogs in your neighborhood, invite them over to play with yours. Seeing them running around the house and happy will surely make you feel better at the end of the day.

Cuddle and Relax

Dogs love being shown affection by their owners and family members. So, if you don’t feel like doing any of the above, just give him a nice cuddle or belly rub to make him relaxed and comfortable. It’s a great way to bond with your dog.

Overall, being indoors with your dog doesn’t have to be all dull and boring. With a little bit of creativity, dedication and time, you can keep your canine friend happy all through. Feel free to choose some of the above activities to entertain your pet.