Everyday Habits To Help Your Dog Keep Fit

Just like humans, several dogs around the world are suffering from obesity. Being obese leads to a wide range of health problems in dogs, which significantly affects their quality of life and shortens their life span. It’s, therefore, your responsibility as a dog owner to ensure that your pet is healthy both physically and mentally. Here are some simple everyday habits that can help your dog to keep fit:

Take Your Dog For Daily Walks

One of the proven ways to help your dog keep physically and mentally fit is by taking him out daily for walks. It’s unfortunate that a good number of dog owners lack the motivation to go for walks on a daily basis. If you fall into this category, you may want to try changing the times you walk, exploring new trails, or walking at different paces. This will help prevent you and your dog from getting bored.

Whenever you feel like not going out, remind yourself how important the walk is for your dog (and you too). Going out gives dogs the opportunity to sniff around and explore different smells.

Measure Out All His Meals

You can also help your dog maintain the right weight by giving him the right type and amount of food. But, as it turns out, not many of us are good at estimating the food portions we give to our dogs. That makes it very easy to overfeed or underfeed them. An extra ounce of food given to your dog per day may not seem much now. But, in a year, you’ll definitely see his weight increased significantly from the extra calories.

If this isn’t what you want, keep track of the amount of food you serve him by measuring all his meals either with a measuring scale or cup. On the same note, if your pet is currently obese, you should consider reducing his food portions to help keep his weight in check. But before that, make sure you consult your vet to know exactly how much you should reduce to avoid underfeeding him.

Engage In Interactive Play

Never underestimate the power of play in your dog’s life. Dogs that play often are generally happy and less likely to develop behavioral problems like excessive chewing or barking. Playing not only keeps your dog fit but also entertained, stress-free and strengthens the bond between you and him. So, however tight your daily schedule is, make it your responsibility to play with your beloved dog. It is the least you can do for all the joy he brings into your home.

Try playing the game of tug of war, hide and seek or any other that you two enjoy. You can also buy him a wide range of interactive toys to keep him busy when you’re not around.

Give Him Only Healthy Treats And Snacks

Lastly, if your pet is battling with weight issues, you may want to cut back on the amount of store-bought treats or snacks you give him as they’re high in calories and low in essential nutrients. But, don’t just wake up and cut all the treats and snacks in one day, do so gradually. Introduce tasty fruits and vegetables as rewards instead.

Incorporate these simple activities into your daily routine to help keep your dog physically and mentally fit.